The companies sign an 90m+ refit to change from Halogen to 2700Kº LED Light

Italy 16.06.2016

The companies sign an very important refit for an Mega Yacht with special pedigree. ALTRALUCE with high end LED Light spots and custom designs is responsible for Spots and LED Strips delivery, YACHTICA brings in all know how with the best LED Light driver modules and E YACHT with programming and LED Light installation. 

Altraluce Yachtica LED Light

The project consists in the change of LUTRON 220V AC modules and all the tousands of transformers in each Halogen Spot. So we will change to more efective and less heat LED Light System. YACHTICA MCI LED Light Modules bring all to dimm perfectly LED Lights and the comunication to crestron computer with iPad controll. Also the costs are low because no new wireing is necesary and the system will work then with 24V DC. In the case of an fault of the network or an module the LED light system keeps going only a small group will be off because every module has his own programm .

LED Light

LED LIGHT REFIT Welcome to your Mega Yacht Electric Workshop

January 2016by EYP


We provide for your Mega Super Yacht worldwide on bord service for repair, refit or newbuild, in all Electric & Electronic questions . Generators, Alternators, Main Panel. Also all types of  Surveys we offer Loadtest, Meggertest, Thermographic Survey, Harmonic, WiFi, IP, Networks, LED Light refits or new LED Light projects. We are Cathelco Distributer and Tecnical Service for BWT, ICCP, MGP, HEM, also provider from the most importants suppliers of AV or electrical & electronic components like Schneider and ABB, or Woodward.

We work with offers for fixed price repairs without hidden costs, but also on hour based prices if you prefer.

Ask your price for Cathelco Spares, Loadtest, Meggertest, Woodward PMS, Generator Alternator change or repair, Main Panel repair and the most efective LED Light projects and refits.

We provide approved schematics for esencial changes in digital and paper form to approve by GL, RINA, Bureau Veritas, ABS.


Megayachts and Shore Power

 2016by EYP


OneOcean Port Vell and his Habour Capitan Anders Pehrson have had the vision in the future and have installed in the "Moll d`Espanya Quay" Shore conections up to 1250A. More and more Marinas when they need to renuve their consessions are asked to comply  Marine and Habour envirovments ,and provide posibility to Megayachts to conect to Shore Power to avoide noise and exhaust polution.

We provide Shorepower Transformers or Shore Power Converters up to 2000A with automatic phase and voltage adjustment.