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E Yacht Projects KYMETA & 4G Solution

KYMETA & 4G Solution

Your Office on Sea World Wide Solution

Mega Yacht Office

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E Yacht Projects get e3 Certified Installation Center

for KYMETA Flat Panel Satellite Antennas





Port Denia Shipyard

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   MYBA Port Denia & E Yacht Projects Mega Yacht Service

together on MYBA 24th to 27th of March

and also

Palma Boatshow & Super Yacht

The Varadero Port Denia offers free berth for refit projects of Cathelco BWT ,  Woodward PMS and Yachtica LED Lighting in Denia

Port Denia 03 of March 2017

The companies offers  special conditions until end of 2017, free berth and from E Yacht important discounts. Cathelco BWT, Woodward PMS and Yachtica LED Lighting  projects have this special conditions.


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PORT DENIA SHIPYARD and E Yacht Projects

The Varadero Port Denia offers free berth for refit projects of Cathelco BWT and Woodward PMS

Port Denia 03 of January 2017

The companies offer special conditions until end of March 2017, free berth and from E Yacht important discounts. Cathelco BWT and Woodward PMS projects have this special conditions.


Cathelco BWT

Woodward 3000XT

Yachtica leader in LED Lightingadvanced tecnologie

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PORT DENIA SHIPYARD and E Yacht Projects

The companies agree to work together on Mega and Super Yacht Projects

Port Denia 03 of June 2016

Both companies agree the cooperation on Mega and Super Yacht projects. The idea to bring more clients of the sector between 60m and 100m to the Shipyard and to the new quay in the heart of Denia. Here Port Denia give the possibility to conect the yacht to shore up to 1000A and make a long winter stay possible without use of generators. Here also we can take care of the future installations of CATHELCO Mega Yacht equipment like - BWT - ICCP - MGPS. New Jacuzzi, new Main Panels installations or refits, PORT DENIA SHIPYARD and E YACHT PROJECTS have your solution. This is the last recomendation from one of the most famous 95m Mega Yacht for the Super Yacht Service Guide, “Mr. Algermissen has provided constant high standard service since first time introduced to the boat. Constant support and swift guidance is provided whenever required. I would highly recommend E Yacht Projects services as such. Extremely good support at all times.” Also we can give tecnical assistance for all electronic and electrical isuses specialy for this companys

companies serviced

For the crew and all her visitors Denia gives the nicest beaches of Costa Blanca, the best restaurants with up to 3 Michelin stars also discotecs and a lot of nice shopping malls. A lot of nature like Montogo and Sierra Bernia. Alicante and Valencia international Airports are only one hour drive away.              Video Port Denia

Best Gastronomy

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Both companies agree the cooperation to take care of the  future installations of CATHELCO Mega Yacht equipment like - BWT - ICCP - MGPS. TUNAFER possesses all  welding certifications and will take care of pipeworking and mecanical works, E YACHT PROJECTS will be responsible for planing, drawings and electrical installation, comissioning and initial start up, later tecnical service and spare parts.



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Smoke rises as a yacht belonging to a Russian businessman burns at a marina in the Fethiye district of Mugla, Turkey, on Jan. 21, 2016.


Why Are All These Superyachts Catching on Fire?

From St. Thomas to Abu Dhabi, tens of millions in luxury yachts have recently gone up in flames.

The article on Bloomberg web http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-04-11/why-are-all-these-superyachts-catching-on-fire

Takes me to write this lines to give a new vision from my point of view.

What is going on during a new build or refit? You are sure as owner that when you are buying a Megayacht from the most recommended and prestigious Yards with projects and materials approved from the famous class organizations, that everything is save and all risks are calculated to zero

                                               No it isn`t and I will show you why

Only I will take some electrical examples provided by E Yacht Projects taken from one of the most famous and expensive MegaYacht of 100m and build by the highest standards by one of the most famous Yards from North Germany and approved by an big class organization.

When the standard organization get all the drawings and schematics of a new build or refit the yard also provide the certificates of the materials, this means that the yard can only use electrical material with type approval.


1.       Example a normal Breaker with type approval used in hundreds of yachts in electric cabinets. This breaker is installed in all circuits for 230V AC and 415V AC and it is good and approved for this use.

But now the surprise also it is applied in all 24V DC circuits and cabinets. This is a use where it is not made for and not approved and it is an big risk for an electrical fire, because the breaker did not trip in case of short or overload, the breaker is not made for DC use. The standard organization don`t see, don’t check and don`t have the know how to see this big construction fault. Also the Yard with his high standards don`t see this faults. (Picture 1&2)


          ( all this breakers are to change)

 2.       An distribution in an AC Panel to give power to ten consumers with cable diameter of 2,5mm2. The typical DIN Rail connections where the big main cable of 16mm2 comes in to the first connection and then normaly is distributet to the consumers, but only  one cable of 2,5mm2 is connected to the main and gives service to the ten consumers. (Picture 3,4, 5&6) the result this cable get to glow by overload and can cause a big fire.



 3.       No Ventilation of electrical cabinets. The owner and the crew is is fine by 18ºC when outside are tropical conditions but the cabinets are working in temperature ranges of 70º to 100ºC, you only need to wait for the possible fire. (Picture 4)




You will find this problems on your Megayacht by carry out an Thermographical survey

The boat yards need to contract professionals in the special sectors a Naval Engineer cannot know this special things.

The classification companies have the same problems they contract Naval Engineers but in the university studies they only make an overview of electrics.

The insurance companies need to take care of an independent survey before sign the police.


Megayachts and Shore Power

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OneOcean Port Vell and his Habour Capitan Anders Pehrson have had the vision in the future and have installed in the "Moll d`Espanya Quay" Shore conections up to 1250A. Also Port Denia Shipyard and his director Albert Morell Olive pick up this idea also and has installed in his berth up to 130m an 1000A  Shore conection. More and more Marinas when they need to renuve their consessions are asked to comply  Marine and Habour envirovments ,and provide posibility to Megayachts to conect to Shore Power to avoide noise and exhaust polution.

We provide Shorepower Transformers or Shore Power Converters up to 2000A with automatic phase and voltage adjustment.